Licap Technology

LiCap process is an innovative technology that allows the sprayzation at cold temperature of food ingredients with strong fat content, which cannot be spray–dried with the traditional spray procedure. The process happens at low temperature, avoiding heat stress and possibile change to the organoleptic components of the products. Thanks to this special process we can obtain a powder thinner than the normal spray powder, easy to dose and perfectly soluble also in cold water. The same product can be worked at hot temperatures with traditional procedures ensuring high performance.

Chocolate LiCAP chocolates are produced by the sprayzation of pure melted chocolate instead of reconstituted ingredients, for this reason it can be declared as «chocolate» and the final product doesn’t have the simple cocoa taste but releases the true chocolate flavour..

Nuts Also these ingredients are produced with LiCAP technology. These powders contain pure nut pastes supported on carrier.


- 100% Natural
- Not reconstituted
- Good behavior during melting procedure .
- Soluble at cold and hot temperature with the same high performance
- Low dosage required
- Reducing of preparation times
- Unchanged organoleptic properties and intense flavor